DITA for the Web

What you think you know about DITA based on the tools you’ve used is not all that DITA is about. These topics explore the long tail of DITA’s applicability as direct-to-Web content.

Why DITA, especially “for the Web?”

Anyone can put their ideas on the Internet, but not everyone does it well. That’s because effective publishing must negotiate between conflicting strategies. On one hand, there’s the desire to push the most information to the most people in the most formats in the most languages. That’s a nice goal, but can you provide the right information in the right format in the right language to the right person at the right time? ¬†Content that is personalized, easily found, appropriately scoped, and pleasant to interact with has a name: Adaptive Content. (more…)

What is “DITA for the Web?”

“Does Don Day know about DITA?” That’s a skills endorsement question that is likely to pop up if you visit my profile page at the business-oriented social service, LinkedIn. ¬†Beyond that quixotic thought, consider the more important question: “What does Don Day think about DITA?” In fact, what I can tell you about DITA may help you understand this XML markup standard in a much different way than you may have expected. (more…)