About DITA per Day

I’ve had a long association with the DITA specification (more formally called the OASIS Darwin Information Typing ¬†Architecture). I’ve helped it evolve, from writing the first stylesheet that actually proved the feasibility of class-substring-based lookup to creating new applications of the architecture for dynamic DITA publishing. I used to imagine the day when DITA would be not only a new wave, but a virtual tsunami in the writing industry, but never expected the degree of traction the standard now has.

DITA per Day is my way of sharing my perspective on the standard, whether in explaining my own take on element usage or giving some insight on how certain elements or features came to be. I hope this personal look behind the curtains of this standard helps you in your use of DITA!

Banner photo: Sun Dog over Davis Springs, Canon 28mm LTM on Sony NEX-3, by Don R. Day